Lorraine Rossini Hamby


Through my paintings I explore emotions, thought and identity. My inspiration comes from my internal dialogue, and a fascination with faces and repetitive shapes. Painted words literally capture the thoughts on my mind, sometimes written over and around the image of a face. Fragments of text -- Dream, dream, won’t leave. Blurry, yet I know. Anything can be talked around. – these are sometimes direct statements, and other times the text is veiled or buried beneath layers of paint.

I typically begin by capturing ideas via ink illustrations on paper, some of which are interspersed with related journal entries. I then further develop the images through acrylic paintings. I like the immediacy and flexibility of acrylics, and I also use ink for precise lines and sharp contrast.

In addition to my series of faces, a mixed media series incorporates natural elements like dirt and pine needles, combined with electrical resistors, sand paper and paint. The pieces simply present an interesting, textural surface, but they also suggest an interwoven connection between nature and technology.

I began painting part-time as an adult, occasionally taking classes in the Bay Area, including one at the San Francisco Art Institute. I have participated in a number of group shows and also held a solo show, and have sold several pieces.

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